Saturday, May 9, 2009

Same stuff, different animal.

Sometime last week, both Shel and I became blind or just didn't care enough to realize that we had another baby. Belle one of the new red girls, calved a pretty little girl. Finally another girl. Belle is being a good mommy and the fold is helping out with babysitting. Everyone is back together again since Mickey can't seems to stay in one place. We picked up a couple of new does from a lady in Rye. They are in milk but are first fresheners so they aren't producing a bunch. I really miss my Opal goat. We've been making lots of verbal plans for a new chicken coop and a new goat shed. I ordered 80 roaster chickens about two weeks ago. They dude at the feed store told me that the hatchery is about 4-6 weeks behind. I ordered them with this in mind. The feed store called last night to tell me that my chickens were in. the barn has duckies, chickies and more chickies. The coop is not built yet either. Oh well.

Along with all the new babies around the ranch my sister-friend Kelly and her husband John had their first baby on May 6, 2009. A beautiful lad named Cooper William Jackson. I was honored to spend a little time with mom and baby on Thursday afternoon. Since the loss of my blood family (which I'm not mourning too much) I am elated to welcome a nephew. Jano, is expecting in October as well. I can't wait to spoil them both with all the things the aunts did for the Bean against my protests. Over all, life is awesome...Life is good.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another one.

I'm doing well on predicting babies even though we had no idea when the girls had their last encounter with the bull. This morning, early Daisy calved a red headed boy. Another boy! Mickey, Skye's baby from last year has been busy exploring the ranch, breaking down fences in his path. Adolescents males have always been my nemesis, human or otherwise. The little woman is finally done with EMT-I school so maybe I will have a minutes rest, I'm not going to count on it though. Ducks arrived on Friday as well. They aren't ours, I'm just being a surrogate of sorts. One of the gals that practices herding out her requested some ducks. So, the boss told her that I would be happy to rear them until they are old enough to run away from her horrid dogs. Now my tack room is filled with duckies and chickies. Sheesh!