Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Baby

I've been patiently waiting on Skye to calve, even though the family thought I was nuts. About a week ago her udder started dropping and her hips started popping out, only then did everyone start to agree with me. I have been harping on the girls about keeping an eye on her. This morning after the run to Evergreen Station, I asked again only to get a, "Yes, she's fine." About noonish Shelly and Bean ran down to check on water and came running back up just as fast. Skye had found a spot in the corner of her pasture and dropped a beautiful bouncy boy. I ran out to get pictures and check out mom and baby only to find that my camera had a dead battery. So after letting it charge for a bit we zipped back down to document the momentous occasion. Upon arrival, Skye had a one end of the afterbirth in her mouth and was chomping away. This sight got an, "EEEWWH GROSS," from Jolene. The little guy seems strong and healthy and now that he is dried off is a beautiful smokey gray color.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is really catching up with me

The last time I shared I had started a small fire in the sheep pasture....whew a lot has happened since then.

In the process of vaccinating any animal that I could get my hands on, I accidentally vaccinated myself with a large goat dosage. I think I'll be fine, it's been several weeks and I've yet to feel any ill effects. I didn't even get a slight infection from the dirty needle. Vaccinating and deworming went well. I ran out of vaccine, got plowed by a couple of sheep and got pricked myself. All in a days work. Besides sticking little needles through thick wool, The Bean, Shelly and I were able to participate in a C-Section on the floor of the barn. Jill, a pygmy goat that I have been babysitting ended up with triplets and needed some extra help getting the third one out. Prior to calling the vet, Jill and Maggie (goat) had Shelly chasing her tail. Shelly came down to find Jill with a rather large baby, and Maggie with a little bitty white baby. Shelly thought it odd that the BIG goat gave birth to a little baby. I love Shelly, she is an amazing person but sometimes I do not understand her view of the world. Maggie did not even kid, she merely stole a baby from Jill and had I not come home, she might have gotten away with it. Instead I came home, took the baby from Maggie and threw Maggie out of the run. Bumped Jill, and found another kid still inside. I did glove up and stick a hand/arm in and feel around but the poor goat was too small and my arm too big. The vet was called, the baby delivered and I got material for a new story. My problem now...I've been too busy to write stories, to exaggerate on the truth, to plan for Oprah to get up set with my because my memoir isn't exactly the "whole truth." Oh well, there will be other days, other stories. Along with the C-Section, Maggie did finally kid a GIGANTIC baby girl we named Sophia. We decided to invest in a some more baby chicks, and currently I have fourteen chirping babies in the barn. Along with baby chicks, Gizmo, (Jolene's Duck) has been laying on a nice clutch of eggs. She has three little ducklings running around with her now and about ten eggs to go. I am very excited about the ducklings, have no idea why, since I do not find pleasure in birds. I'm still waiting on a couple of finicky cows to calve and hoping that the last snow storm has given us enough moisture to struggle through the summer. Other than that....its life as usual her on the ranch. Someday....I will have the time to tell stories again.