Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is a comin'

We've been busy her on the ranch. Well the wife has been busy, me not so much. I've been on vacation from ranch duties since Brother Dutch has been here. I've slept in on some days, worked at Evergreen on some days, went to the fire station on others. It's been pretty awesome. Shelly has had to deal with Chlamydia in the sheep, broken fences, and moving the long haired hippie cattle. I've spent a lot of time thinking about and putting off the Bean's Halloween costume. She's decided to dress as a plastic army soldier this year. I tried to get her to be a yellow plastic Indian or a red plastic cowboy but she just wouldn't hear of it. I try to remember that she's the kid and I should let her have her way once in awhile. I love Halloween. I've only come to love it in my adulthood, more importantly my mommyhood. All I wanted when I was young was a store bought plastic costume. My mother wouldn't have it. All my costumes were made and I can only remember picking the subject once or twice. I vowed that I would never do that to my kid. Oh well, some vows get broken. I let her pick some things. Luckily the Bean and I have similar personalities. A couple of years ago she approached me with her costume idea of a cattle guard. I initially thought of a the ugly metal thing that keeps the cows in. Not what she had in mind. She wanted me to dress her up as a guard,

like in prison but add some touches like horns and an udder. I've got a funny kid. She comes up with great costumes and she doesn't beg me for a store bought one. This year is going to be great. We've got gooey, gross treats all lined up for the class party. She sat on the living room floor the other night and carved her pumpkin. She got Shelly to print off a pattern of an alien, and she scooped and cut it out. The dogs hung around watching her work. I snapped a picture here and there. I'm into Halloween but not so much into the pumpkin thing. She asked me to take her picture next to her work of art. So, today

as I'm watching Shelly scrape off what was left of the snow on the deck, I see Jane, running amok about her feet. Jane suddenly spots the pumpkin, stops and eats on the alien face that Bean worked so hard to carve. Goats love pumpkin. Now Bean's poor pumpkin has a big gaping hole where the alien once was.

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