Friday, April 16, 2010

Will She ever leave for College?

Shelly and I have welcomed a new baby, Jemma into our family. She has curly black hair and HUGE ears. I think she got the ears from me. She doesn't like to sleep in at all, must have gotten that from Shelly. She loves her afternoon bottle and hates diapers. Lately she's taken to jumping off the back of the couch onto the island in the kitchen! Darn Kid! As much as I roll my eyes at Shelly when she insists on bringing another furry critter into the house, I love having a diaper clad kid racing up and down the stairs. It keeps life interesting.

Jemma catching a few Zs on the couch.

Along with Jemma, we are oohing and ahhing at Bridgette's little bundle of joy as well. Since he's a Boer X Saanen, we've opted not to name him as he may well end up being someone's main dish at a their summer much as I hate to admit it. I just can't keep them all.

Bridgette's little monster!

The Nubians are due in a few weeks as are the rest of the sheep, all just in time for warmer weather. We had a new calf born Easter morning. Gizmo the duck has been sitting on a fine clutch of eggs. I think she has about 12 days to go before anything hatches. The chickens have ramped up on egg production and are enjoying the warmer weather. I just started letting them out of the coop yard for the daylight hours. They have thanked me by producing nice big brown and green eggs. Seems like normal at the Ole Rancho!

Now if I can just get that kid out of diapers and out of the house! At least her college tuition will be cheaper than Jolene's.

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