Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've been toying with the idea of a new Nigerian Dwarf buckling for awhile. I'm not sure why. Most likely the reason is just to have another goat. Shelly really doesn't do anything to stop my addictive behavior, especially if the outcome is a cute baby!

About a month ago I ran across an ad on Craigslist (I'm addicted to CL too!) for Nigerian Dwarf kids. I inquired and soon I was sucked into buying an adorable blue eyed buckling to add to my tribe. In my mind, I justified the purchase. I said, "I owe it to the little girls to get some new blood in the tribe. I have several girls that carry the blue eyed gene but don't have a blue eyed buck. Prince Charming would appreciate another stinky boy around when breeding season is over." All NON-viable arguments. I really did nothing to talk myself out of him.
When Jolene and I arrived at Sunflower Valley Dairy we were awestruck by all the wonderful little critters running around. Nicole had Nigerians, La Manchas and Nubians, that I saw. She also had a plethora of birds; chickens, geese and guineas. It was much like the paradise that I have here at Rolling Thunder. What I didn't see was annoying Chihuahua, growling around my feet. Lucky Nicole of Sunflower Valley!
So after oooohing and ahhhhing at all the beautiful creatures, we loaded up our handsome little buckling and jetted to town. Jolene and I discussed names for about 7.2 minutes before I decided on Gaston. All our our Nigerians have some Disney reference in their name except for Ruby. Ruby was born in frigid temperatures and was a bit of a surprise to me, even though it shouldn't have been. Ruby was named after her grandmother another Nigerian. Since our tribe sire, Charming has the princeliest of all Disney names I needed to dig deep. I've always loved the part of "Beauty and the Beast" where Gaston sings in the pub so I decided on Gaston. Jolene wanted to name him Aladdin but I just didn't see it. We will probably breed him first to Jasmine but I didn't let that change my mind.Little Gaston seems to be fitting in nicely. Despite my objections, he's sleeping in a crate in our bedroom and is hanging out with Jasmine and the bummer lambs during the day. He spent the morning rushing around the house, chasing cats, and bouncing on Dillweed Hound. He had a bottle of warm goat's milk and gnawed on an animal cracker for a few seconds before it was stolen away by a Virus Dog. He's out now enjoying the sunshine and jumping around and on Jasmine. Jasmine complained, saying that she was not a baby sitter and that she had done her duty, raised her kids and she expected her banana with the peels on a silver platter. She's gotten quite uppity since those babies have left!

We are going to enjoy him fully because soon he will have that lovely, "Eau De Goat Buck Musk" smell springing from his pores!

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