Monday, October 24, 2011

Look at the Pumpkins on that One!

Mr. Ruvo doing the dirty work for Richie

Mrs. Mac helping Aspen

Vince hauling out his squash

Jolene chomping.

Shelly and I accompanied Bean and her classmates to the pumpkin patch at Colon Orchards in Canon City CO last week. We learned about irrigating the apple orchard, corn field and pumpkin patch. We got a little taste of the importance of water to farmers in Colorado. The kids toured the apple orchard and learned that the apple trees are 30 and 35 years old. At least I learned these things. Shelly managed to cheat on the corn maze and we were in and out quickly. There was no spooking kids or arguing about her sense of direction.

Shelly, Bean and I will get to hit another pumpkin patch on Friday. I'd like to tell you that the kid is excited and the reason we have to go to another one but the truth is Shelly is just a kid at heart. At least most times, sometimes her cranky side surfaces too, or the part where she can't get through the day without chatting with everyone she sees, or the over reacting part, or...

Nice Pumpkins!

We also had some visitors to the ranch on Sunday morning. Pam and Judy jaunted on over for some cow milking experience. Really, who doesn't want to milk a brown cow once in their life?

Pam did a great job and was amazed by the amount of heat Brownie's udder and teats gave off. Brownie Cow has got some "hot boobs!" Her technique differed from mine a great deal but seemed to work splendidly. After milking out about a half gallon, Shelly diverted her attention from the cow and yammered on about the new alpacas and llamas. Good thing Shelly butted in, anymore milking and Pam might have ruined her knitting hands! Who knew?

After the cow was put away some friends dropped by for some hunting tips and Shelly's attention was diverted this time. Pam and Judy walked about the ranch with me, checking out chickens, turkeys, donkeys, and of course puppies. Regrettably I still have the puppies here. I wasn't able to pawn any off on the ladies.

Judy got stuck holding my camera most of the morning, so I have few pictures. She did have a chance to milk Brownie as well. When I showed her the Thanksgiving turkeys, I asked if she'd like to pick hers out but I think she declined. Darn turkeys are loud!

I think they had a good time but I doubt I'll see them back for the next Pluckin' Party! It was an enjoyable morning for me.

The afternoon proved to be much more difficult for me. We held a memorial service for my friend Mike Jamison at our Four Mile Fire Station. Mike was a volunteer firefighter and would occasionally drive my ambulance. Outside of Four Mile, Mike would milk my cow once a week. He said he did it to give me a break, but I know he did it for the milk. Mike would also help out at my Pluckin' Parties as the official neck slicer. He was always grinning, even covered in blood and a few stray feathers. His wife Meridel honored me with the task of officiating his memorial service. I blubbered through the entire thing. I miss Mike a lot and I hope where ever he is, he's enjoying some raw milk with a thick cap of cream.

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