Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spa Day at Rolling Thunder

Today was haircut, pedicure, and dental day at Rolling Thunder Ranch.  Lots of pictures as I'm too pooped to write much.  Things went pretty swimmingly anyway.  We were done earlier than previous years as we didn't have too many sheep this year.  It was however, our first year for the alpacas and llamas.  We've had a couple llamas for many years.  We purchased them to guard the sheep and goats, to which they have done an outstanding job.  Since we now have alpacas, it was high time that our guard llamas got a good spa day too.  I don't recognize some of them now.  Mama Llama feels like a new woman and a couple of the alpacas went right out and had a swim in the stock tank.  Weird creatures!

 Copenhagen with a new do!

 Fowler getting his very first shear.  He chatted through the whole thing.
 Fowler and his harem after their appointment.

 Pencil neck alpacas.

 Shelly lining up the next one.
 Teeth trimming.
 No spitting allowed.
 Aren't we lovely?
 Heave!  HO!
 Maya before
 Oreo was very vocal and her sock was green when it was over.
 Oreo afterward
 Mama Llama

 The Sheep had their turn too!
 Of course Nubie!
Mama Llama was in heaven.  She'll probably stay clear of any human until next year at this time.  Nice to see her happy!

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