Sunday, January 31, 2010

Babies, Babies, everywhere!

About five months ago Shelly and the Boss Lady ventured to Ft. Collins to purchase about 10 more head of sheep to work the dogs on. The Boss Lady was so overcome with glee that by the next week we had 111 new sheep and a brand spanking new stock trailer. After three trips to the sale barn in Ft. Collins we finally got everyone tucked into pastures. Nine of the new sheep turned out to be rams. Over the course of four days all nine rams had come in contact with every single one of the ewes. So here we are, 151 days after the rocket launch! Friday while checking on ewes the hired hand came back to the house and announced the arrival of the first lamb of the season. Shelly and I went out to pluck it and mama ewe out of the pasture and put them in the nursery in the barn only to find two little wooly critters. We pulled ten other girls up to the barn as they looked like they had coming appointments with the stork as well. On Saturday morning I was up early getting ready to go to the kiddo's basketball game. I jetted down to the barn to check on the girls and found five new babies stumbling around. Sunday morning brought a singleton girl. All total we've got 8 little fuzz balls running around the nursery. Shelly finished the goat condo just in time, we've plenty of room in the barn for babies.

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