Thursday, February 4, 2010

And still....more babies

We had a lull in the lambing. Only a couple of days but still it was nice. This morning I was set on sleeping in and letting Shelly handle the chores. I had big plans to run to the post office and then to make some Queso Blanco from all the milk I have. Instead Shelly came racing back to the house to tell me that we have two new babies and one wasn't nursing. I reluctantly went to the barn to find a ewe with NO MILK. One lamb had tried to draw it out but just ended up a bit bloated and the other wasn't moving. I hauled them to the house, shoved some colostrum down their gullet and 10 minutes later I had two screaming lambs in the house. I'm now wishing they would just take a nap like a normal baby. UGH! I hate bottle feeding. We've given the ewe a shot of oxytocin in hopes her milk will let down, I only hope she will take the lambs back if she gets some milk.

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