Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Heavy Breed Boys!

The third batch of summer chicks arrived today. This is a group of heavy breed cockerels along with four bonus ducks! Whohoo. Instead of 56 days of growing like the broilers, these boys will be hanging around for 16 weeks! It has been suggested to me that I make them capons, which I'm guessing is a neutered cock. To start, I've no idea how to make a roo a capon. Since the sex organs of chickens are located within their body, I've a pretty good idea my green castrator rubberbands will not work for this procedure. That's really unfortunate since I just purchased a new bag of those pretty bands. So until I become enlightened these boys will keep their "goods" and will hang around the ranch longer than I would like. I'm a bit concerned about that many males excreting maleness all summer long.

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