Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs

Nothing extraordinary going on. Jolene and I are going to the fire station for a birthday celebration. We need to provide a side dish. Generally we take something boring and everyday like green bean casserole. Shelly likes boring and everyday, Jolene and I not so much.

Jolene and I decided on Deep Fried Deviled Eggs. Shelly LOVES deviled eggs, Jolene really likes the goopy yolk filling, and I hate making them. Of course, I use the eggs that we harvest from the hens. Sometimes fresh eggs don't come out of the shell easily after being boiled. I like pretty deviled eggs, not crater filled deviled eggs.

I have found a method that works for 10 of a dozen eggs. I bring my water to a rolling boil and gently place my eggs inside. I make sure my eggs are room temperature. If I take them right out of the fridge, peeling them will be a disaster. I let the water come back to a hard boil and leave the eggs in it for 3-4 minutes, COVERED! When my timer beeps, I simply shut off the burner and leave the eggs COVERED in the pot for 10 - 12 minutes. No peeking, don't lift the lid or all will be ruined. After letting the residual steam and heat cook the eggs, I place them into an ice bath for a couple of minutes and then start peeling.

After I make deviled eggs the usual way, I dredge them through some seasoned flour, dip them in a couple of beaten eggs and then slide them through breadcrumbs. I fry three or four at a time in my ultra healthy deep fryer at 350 degrees for a couple of minutes. Viola! Fried Deviled Eggs.
Hopefully they will all be eaten the birthday bash, as I really I'm fairly certain they aren't the best for my heart.

I was really busy this morning replacing the door handle on the sliding glass door upstairs. I must have superhuman strength because I break that handle off a lot. I went for a change in color this time. I don't know if it matches the decor but change is good.

Jolene spent a good part of Saturday afternoon running around the ranch with her dog Tara. I'm not sure how long she spent picking out her outfit for the day, but by the looks of it not long.

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