Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened....

***WARNING*** Imagination required, because my pictures stink!

That's not the funny thing that happened, it's funny but not what I was referring to. It's Spirit Week at Guffey Community Charter School. Today's theme was Flash from the Past, she was to wear a fashion from a bygone decade. Since I am up on today's fashion, it only makes sense that my closet would be full of hip relics. She wanted a white, 'Saturday Night Fever' suit but it must be at the cleaners, I couldn't find it anywhere. She had to make do with improvised hippie threads. The moccasins are all mine, if you snicker I might slap ya. (Don't worry, I'm non-violent, it was an empty threat.)

On to the funny....

Shelly and I took the steer to Fowler to be processed today. This steer has been a thorn in my side since he strutted into the sale ring. For starters he was 1400 pounds when the boss lady threw up her number to bid on him. I have no need for a 1400 pound steer. He was corn fed too. I'm trying to develop a natural/organic, grass fed beef program. When he arrived, I took one look in the trailer and then went and flushed a handful of Benjamins down the crapper. Okay, not really but that's what it felt like. One day after putting him in green pasture at Phoenix Ranch, the booger jumped the fence and Shelly spent hours and another C note in fuel looking for him. The last couple of months he hasn't been a huge problem other than he's been eating grass that some other steer could have been eating. Since we are all out of steak Shelly decided to go ahead and have him put in pretty little packages. I thought it was a rotten idea. I don't sell corn fed beef and I certainly don't want to eat corn fed beef but I was outvoted. So I called and got him a date with the reaper. A week before his schedule date I called the Brand Inspector in order to get the correct paperwork. The Brand Inspector for our region, referred me to another and instructed me to call the evening before we left. That made my forehead wrinkle but I agreed and went on with my day. Two days before I was working at getting my ducks huddled and try as I might, I could not find any paperwork on the steer. After some research I found out that the bill of sale had been tossed in the trash by someone named, "Idontknow." So I called both Brand Inspectors to tell them of my predicament. Long story, but the steer did not keep his original date at the butcher. Instead he got a date for this morning. Still not the funny part.

Do you know where Toys R Us used to be in Pueblo? If ya don't, don't fret. It's not part of the punchline. It's near the P Town Mall and a relatively busy intersection, just off of Hwy 50. As Shelly and were rolling down the road,passing the old Toys R Us store, chatting about some life altering event (I always chat about life altering events), Shelly suddenly says, "Oh we lost a tire."

Lost a tire?

"Yep," She says. "It's rolling down the highway."

I look in the mirror and see several cars avoiding the tire behind us. Yikes. Shelly pulls off the road and I get to see what I can do about our situation. I look behind the trailer at the traffic and can't see the tire. I look at Shelly and she points to the intersection in front of us. I see the tire rolling through the intersection. It rolls about 25 feet past the stoplight, up the curb and then loses momentum and flops over.

The point at which the tire was returned to the truck!

I run and to retrieve the tire. As I get the tire upright and prepare to return to the truck, I see that Shelly has driven off, taken a turn and left me with a hunk of rubber on the side of Hwy 50, Pueblo CO. Soon enough she pulls around, we load the tire and are off again.

What we don't understand is, how the tire stayed upright and rolled. It fell out from beneath of Tom Truck. I would assume that the bumper pull trailer would have bumped it and ran it over but no so...it even passed us. I'm thankful the the light was green and the tire was able to go with traffic instead of causing and accident. The things that happen. It certainly made me giggle.

Back safe in the truck!

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  1. I absolutely love this and totally understand.. It is Murphy's Law if anything can go wrong it usually does and with livestock YEP!!!! Sounds like you were going to my favorite butcher in Fowler.. Were you?? That is where we take all of our animals to be butchered too Love that they vacuum seal everything. Jensen's Blue Ribbon Processing