Thursday, January 26, 2012

Virgin Wool

The virgin wool has arrived. We have about 15 lambs on the ground now. I hate lambing. I don't particularly care for sheep. I don't eat rack of lamb or mutton burgers, I don't knit, I never understood Mary Had a Little Lamb. Each year I get my goats knocked up so they can provide milk for bummer lambs. I alter my schedule and rise earlier than I ever want, to do a "baby check" before taking the kid to school. I end up sticking my hands in orifices that were not meant for human appendages. I do find some joy in putting green rubber bands on wiggly tails. I'm warped, I know.

Shelly irritates me with her softhearted approach, and lack of ranch grit when it comes to cuddly fuzzy critters.
Shelly is even sweet talking this guy, the ram. She's gone completely soft. I did enjoy seeing this picture though. Here is Romeo posing for the camera and the ewe in the background is showing her good side. It was good for a laugh.

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  1. Romeo looks like he's wearing a really ratty dirty shawl. :)