Thursday, March 15, 2012

A moment closer!

Everyone Loves a Little Goat!

I  don't know where to start.  All of the goat kids have headed off to new homes and I'm left here with Jezabel and PorkChop.  Jezabel, which I can't seem to get a picture of, is the goat kid that Shelly has selected to keep and add to our tribe.  Our friend Avril, gasped when she heard her name and warned us about naming an animal with such a label.  She sure is a wild and crazy goat.  She bounces around and tries to control the flow of the tribe.  I think she has a few lessons to learn from the elder does.  

Rigatoni made her debut at school en route to her forever home.  She had no problems charming the kids.  She's fitting in nicely with her family and has recently welcomed her llama guardians.  All is good in the world of Rigatoni.  

Bubbles and Hershey have been successfully integrated into their new tribe as well.  Their human, Louise is a talented sculptor who shares my love of Great Dane dogs.  In exchange for the goats she gave me a small sculpture of "It Happens."  You can see more of her work here:  

"It Happens"

Wynonna Goat's babies went off to their new home as well.  They were such a calming force in Shelly's normally, high strung, tense day.  I'm glad they are now calming someone else down and providing some smiles and giggles along the way.  

PorkChop is still here hanging around with Jezabel and his Alpaca buddy, Copenhagen.  Copenhagen is very attached to him and he might need therapy when PorkChop finally goes home.  PorkChop is part Boer goat and is going to be the 4-H project of my friend Gerri's daughter this summer.  I've tried not to get too attached to him.  I still give him kisses and hugs as every goat needs a few kisses in his lifetime.  He's happy and that's all that counts.  

We are expecting the first batch of broiler chickens to arrive in just a couple of days.  I have already sold all  the available birds from the first batch.  Friend Avril, sent me this picture of one of my birds lounging on a beer can.  Still making me hungry.  I can't wait for chicken.  It's kind of like crack to me.  I butcher a batch of birds and I binge and soon my freezer is free of chicken.  It's been a long winter, I'm ready to pluck some chickies! 

Taco Dog is still annoying me every chance he gets.  He continues to search for the cushiest dog in the house.  I'm not sure why Patch Dog is so patient with him.  

Izzy's new lifestyle has resulted in extra poundage and it seems she is need of a personal trainer.  

Fonzie Goat is chomping at the bit (or cabbage) waiting for Spring to officially arrive.  So am I.  

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