Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nibbles the Goat!

 Hi my name is Nibbles.  I'm a Nubian doeling or a baby girl goat in human speak. 

This handsome fella is my brother from another mother, Pants (a.k.a. Britches or Trouser Lad).  He watches out for me and snuggles with me when it's cold.  

Here is a great picture of Pants and I eating some leftover hay together.  The girls who take care of us said it's a great picture of our good side.  

This is Rigatoni my sister from another mister (and another mother too but that doesn't sound as cool).  Rigatoni is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat and most days she has a real attitude problem.  She's kind of like the Chihuahua Taco, in that she doesn't know she's a squirt!
This is Auntie Lena, she's gonna be taking care of us for awhile.
You see, we are almost ready to make a big move to our forever home, just over the hill.  In fact just today our sisters, Hershey and Bubbles went to their forever home close to where I'm going to live.  
This is a picture of one of my new moms showing me how to correctly wear a visor when it's winter in the mountains.  I'm not sure if I will ever need to wear a visor but she also has a pocketful of raisins and she's great about sharing them.  
So here's a kiss for you, hope your day is as wonderful as mine is!  


  1. nice blog.

  2. Hey Dawn! We had a Pants goat who was everyone's love. He died on All Saints Day and we were all sad.

    The newest little guy has great markings and we were calling him Pants, Jr. but after reading this blog, and it is the "B" year, he is now Britches. Everyone is happy with that.
    I think you saw him but here is his kidding link.

  3. What no Trouser Lad!? The girls that adopted Nibbles and Britches are too funny. I just love your blog and all those wonderful pictures of babies! You are full of great ideas too, which I have borrowed on more than one occasion.