Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby's First Baby!

If you recall, we had a handsome visitor at the ranch about 285 days ago.  Even though he stayed for a couple of months, he apparently thought his visit was to be short as he took the opportunity to get to know the cows right off the bat.  Just about 9 and 1/2 months ago we had a Mini-Jersey bull by the name of Napoleon visit my cows.  As a result, Jenny Cow (she's officially a cow now!) calved a bouncy baby boy on June 29th at about 430 in the afternoon.
As we were driving through the ranch, Shelly started screeching and pointing.  I knew that something had happened but even after all this time together, I can't decipher the screeching and pointing most days.  I was trying to just nod and smile and still get the truck safely into the driveway.  Shelly kept leaning over and jerking the wheel and the pointing got exponentially worse.  Jolene finally pointed out the new baby in the field.  The poor guy was dropped out in the midst of our heat wave into a dusty dirt lot.  Along with his mother, both "Aunties" were busy helping clean him up too.  Nothing like getting a big, old, girtty, sandpaper feeling tongue upside both the left and right lobes of your face.
After he was cleaned up a bit, Shelly picked him up and lugged him up to the barn while I followed leading Jenny Cow.  She's done a great job for a first time mom.  Her poor udder is full, full, full and I try to relieve some pressure each day by milking some out.  The pigs are thrilled with the milk I am getting now.  I'll give the guy a couple of weeks of getting all he wants then, I'll start stealing some for me!
Jenny Cow is doing great as far as the milking stand goes.  When I lead her in I leave the gate to her run open and the calf goes a wandering.  He's ventured over to the Aunties, introduced himself to the goats, smelled the flowers scattered about the barn area.  He rarely makes noise, although when I was guiding him back to mom yesterday he did have a few choice words for me.
Today when I was milking Jenny, Jolene had to help him out of a tight spot.  I'm hoping someone will purchase him as a herd sire since he's half miniature.  I'll make sure he's handled daily and will start halter training soon.  Jolene wants to name him Bruce, I have no idea where she got that idea.  I'll ponder names for the next day or two.  Everyone needs a name.

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