Friday, July 13, 2012

Sometimes it's Rough Being a Mom!

Hello Campers!  Jenny Cow here, thought I'd tell you about my day.

Today was a BAD day.  To start with, I didn't get special cookies or brushing this morning.  Apparently those two legged, creatures that take care of me, had other things to take care of.  I was getting over it and the day was looking up when one of the two legged things led me into the milking barn.  I LIKE the milking barn, my bowl is always full of cookies, I get a good brushing, and I get a special spray that makes the flies go least for awhile.  They do steal my milk though.  Usually they leave enough for my little Mister but not tonight!
THEY took all of my milk tonight!  Instead of leaving milk for Mister, they took it all.  AND THEN...Mister was put in the stall with Dino the Alpaca and I was led out to the pasture with Jersey Girl and Brownie Cow.  At first I was happy to see the girls as I have been away from them for two weeks.  Then I realized that poor Mister was not going to be cuddling with me.
Even though one of the two legged creatures promised that I would get to see him in the morning, I left her a special gift in the milk stall.  Sometimes it's important for a mother to make an impression.

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  1. Love all your updates and photos. Thanks for sharing.