Friday, May 14, 2010

New Baby

We've moved most of the Dorper ewe's up to the barn in preparation for the upcoming onslaught of babies. Our target date is May 15th, tomorrow. Today I notice two little feet sticking out of the business end of one of the girls.

Since she is in a pen with 16 other girls, I try distracting the others with food. Instead, she was distracted too. She got up with her extra feet hanging out and ran over with the others to the piles of hay. I tried several times to get her to separate herself from the flock but no luck. It looked as if she was gonna try and go about her daily routine despite becoming a new mom. I watched her for several minutes and then went and called Shelly as I needed a few extra hands. Shelly didn't answer her cell phone, big surprise there! So I jetted back to the barn to see what was happening. Upon my arrival I found the big Tom truck parked outside the front door. The girls where home and looking at new chickens that had arrived in the mail today.

They didn't notice the ewe with slime and feet hanging out of her butt. I wonder about them sometimes. I made them aware of the situation. Shelly and Jolene herded the flock into the barn, we cornered the ewe in labor and Jolene shot the following short flick of a baby coming into the world.

Jolene said it was her first time seeing anything born on the ranch, which I can not believe but apparently it's true. She happens to show up in time to clean up, but never for the fireworks. Poor ranch Kid. The ewe and baby are doing great, a girl by the way. And so starts our rush into late lambing and kidding. One down and 27 ewes to go, along with 4 does. I love it!

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