Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Organic Lawnmower

Have you ever been on the wrong end of a thundering tribe of goat? It's not pretty. They have pine needle breath.

Watch out here they come!

Hurry, run away!

Save yourself!

Awh...Too late, you've been had!

Okay, I really wanted to offer my endorsement of an organic lawn mower. My friend said there was no such thing as an organic mower and that I've gone offer my rocker talking about organic things lately. Just so happens that I have a complete line of organic mowers. They are even specialized. Some cut really low to the ground and others are diversified and will even trim trees. They are space efficient, fuel efficient, last for years with low maintainability, and are truly and completely organic. I can produce fuel for them right here on the ranch. You don't even need to worry about oil. Just maintain the treads once in awhile and you're set.

Give me a call and I can line you up with a new model!

Chicken update! Two weeks old today. They have graduated from the stock tanks to the floor of the stall. We are feeding a meat maker food now, twice a day. They devour it in seconds but I don't want to feed them too much too soon. I'm trying to make sure their body doesn't out grow their heart and lungs. The birds are healthy and we are trucking right along toward our July 10 plucking date!

Two weeks old.

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