Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday, after taking Grandpa Larry to dinner in the Creek the girls and I came back home for some much needed veggin'. Shelly and Jolene settled into the family room with a bad movie and talk of tomorrow's chores. I headed off to the room to snuggle with my Pepsi Cat and to watch some cooking show. Generally when I beam the TV to the Food Network I make sure that I have just eaten. It's kind of like going to the grocery store. It's important to have a full tummy. Since I had just finished some yummy catfish, red beans and rice, and part of Jolene's oyster Po Boy I really thought I was safe. I got myself a big glass of sweet tea, propped up my pillows and settled in. I started watching a rerun of Alton Brown's, "Dining on Asphalt." He was traveling through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Utah. He even made a stop in La Junta at the Copper Kitchen. I called Jolene in so she could see that part of the segment. She was amazed. Jolene hung around the bedroom for a few minutes and chatted about the events of the upcoming day. Suddenly Alton was in Mancos CO. Jolene left and Alton started making FRY BREAD! I was suddenly hungry and ready to fry some flour. When I was young, oh so many years ago, I enjoyed many Saturday afternoons at my Grandma McDaniel's house with a mouthful of fry bread. My Grandparents McDaniel lived in Saguache CO. They owned and operated the Ute Theater for many years. My grandma worked at the courthouse and grandpa at the sawmill. Certain things in life life remind me of my childhood, a smell or a sound. Fry bread is one of those things. So, the force was just too much for me to handle yesterday and I had to make some. Since, for some reason (that is completely unexplainable to me and incomprehensible) I have no cast iron cookware, I cheated a bit and fried it in the deep fryer. It was pretty good, not Grandma Mac good but still good. Halfway through my second helping the pager went off and Shelly and I had to head out to get the ambulance. BUMMER! Maybe it was the universe looking out for me in some weird way, I would have eaten too many had I not had to leave. I ate too many anyway.

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