Thursday, June 3, 2010

Slipping into reverse!

Whew! I have been whining about the summer taking FOREVER to arrive and now I'm wishing I would have shut my pie-hole. Even though I love the summer weather and many activities that come along with the season, I'm slipping into reverse. I had the honor of having my family visit yesterday. I was great fun. Everyone is so busy with life as usual that I rarely have time to drop by for a visit, and I know it's the same with them. I have three sister-friends who are all teachers. I'm not a teacher. I dabbled it in when I was younger but then decided that I did not have stamina. It really pisses me off when some parent or even non-parent offers up their opinion on the "state of the country's education" or why they think we pay educators too much. I could go on for days and tell you what I really think but that is not what this blurb today is about. It's about my ability to get nothing done.
Yesterday the broiler chickens were three weeks old. I didn't get a picture taken or a blog written. I intended to get them transferred to the coup yesterday but instead I kissed the Little Alien and Sooper Cooper. So I thought I would be able to do the transfer today, but instead I have a softball game to attend in the valley. No matter, there is always tomorrow. Please pardon the poor picture quality. The broilers think that anything near the ground is food and since I'm operating with a camera that only has most of it's functions working, I took the picture through the stall door. They are growing up fast. The Buff Orpington and Black Sex Link pullets that are the same age are about half the size. Can't wait to have my family back for a Chicken Q!

In the meantime there are a lot of other things that need to be done on the ranch. We have sheep shearing this weekend and the barn is full of dirty stalls and lambs. The vet came out to float teeth today and check on the new mare.

Shelly will be left to do evening milking on her own as I will be spitting sunflower seeds in heat and yelling for my kiddo and her team. Whew....I'll catch up sometime.

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