Saturday, April 23, 2011


Jenny: What are those girls bringing home now?
Jersey: I hope it's not another donkey!

Jersey Cow and Jenny Cow welcomed a new roomie last night. Brownie arrived last night. Brownie is a Jersey Swiss we hauled home from Longmont. She's just a sweetheart. She's in milk and expecting in August.

Jersey was her regular, bossy self. She asked me, "Why? Am I not enough cow for you?" Don't fret Jersey, you will always be my favorite. Brownie has come to enable my addiction to raw milk. Jersey and Jenny both are due to calve in August.Jenny, wondered why Brownie was wearing her halter. I promised Jenny that I would buy her a new one with bling, just as soon as I make it to town. "I prefer emeralds." said Jenny.

Brownie was quiet and didn't say much at first. This morning she asked where her Sara was and how come the cats scream when I sing. She also requested that I make sure my hands are a bit warmer next time I go stealing her milk.

Brownie was a bit standoffish to the other girls at first but soon blended right in, well as much as a BROWN cow can blend with a couple of not so brown cows. Soon everyone was gossiping over the hay pile, including that pesky goat, Chloe.

Jersey was still skeptical. I promised her a new bell, since the last three have disappeared mysteriously. I thinks she's selling them on Ebay.

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