Friday, April 29, 2011

It Just Wasn't Meant to Be!

Darn plans! Who needs organization anyway?

I've got stars on my calendar marking the days that I want to order chickens and turkeys. My goal is to process between 700 and 800 birds this summer. I have to have space for 800 cluckers! So I made a plan. I got an aviary. I hired help. Despite my efforts, I have yet to get it together. I'm not talking about the aviary. My brain has become mush these last couple of weeks. I keep trying, but I just can't "think" an aviary into existence. I can, call Shelly from Home Depot because I forgot what size of screws to buy. Shelly can "eyeball" the example and tell me to purchase the wrong size. I can pretend that the straight metal frames will bend to the slim slope of the mountain side. Pretending didn't work out like I had expected.

I can make plans to work on the blasted thing, then cancel those plans, then decide to reinstate the original plan. I can drink too many cans of Pepsi, eat too many M&Ms, and put off milking the cow. I can chat and ask questions of my help, dig and delve into her private life! I still can't THINK an aviary into shape. complete aviary yet! It will happen though but for now I'm going to drink 7.2 glasses of milk, finish off my M&Ms, chat with Pepsi Cat and watch episodes of "The L Word" on Netflix. I may decide to get a nap in too, as I happened to wake up just in time for the Royal Wedding this morning and just couldn't force myself to go back to sleep. I'm telling ya! I just can't get it together.

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  1. I understand completely. I'm still trying to think Midnight's pen into existence faster than I am getting it built!