Monday, December 27, 2010


A new baby was found this morning. While Shelly and Jolene moved all the momma's to the nursery in the barn this little guy got a few warm moments in the house.

We've got around 50 ewes expected to lamb sometime in the next 30 days. UGH! They typically lamb in the early mornings. I'm not a morning person. I am lazy and LOVE sleeping until 730. I love having the kid home on holiday break even more. Since Jolene usually gets up and lets out dogs I can stretch my lazy morning time and make it last until 8ish. Then the girls usually chore at Phoenix Ranch so I can mill about the house in my robe, have several cups of hot chocolate, chit chat with my goats, discuss the meaning of life with Pepsi Cat and get some important Facebook time in. Well, all this is not to be for now. Now I must walk down to the barn check for new lambs, dip umbilical cords, de-worm ewes, make sure teats are working correctly and eye woolly sheep ends for signs of impending babies. I'm not that excited about it.

The cats were overjoyed with the new lamb in the house. Ichabod Cat it seems had never seen anything like it before and spent several minutes smelling, licking and generally checking out the ovine. Pepsi Cat ignored it, only after it had made it's return to the barn did he take the opportunity to have a little roll in the "new lamb smell" left on the blanket. Peep Kitty followed Pepsi Cat's lead and rolled, rolled, spazzed out and dug under the blanket. After she was done she ran over and to me, peeped in my face as to say thanks! All it seems is back to normal in the house, the barn on the other hand will soon be a buzz. UGH!

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