Thursday, December 16, 2010


This morning was very chilly, very frosty. We let animals out and let them back in. The Nigerian goats didn't even want to come out of the condo for food. Eventually most of the tribe came rambling down the ramp to a waiting pile of hay. Miss Jasmine, stood at the top of the ramp and looked wider than ever. She turned and went back inside and many of her tribe members went with her. As Shelly and I were standing, watching out the window a loud scream like bleat came over the baby monitor. I wagered with Shelly that she was in labor. Shelly looked out the window again and saw the other goats staring at the back of the condo. Another screaming bleat come over the monitor. Shelly headed out and soon whistled at me to hurry up as she saw feet. A couple of hours later we have two itty bitty bucklings. Momma and babies are doing well.

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