Monday, December 13, 2010

New Additions.

Jasmine has yet to bless us with bouncy babies. It's getting difficult but after much discussion with the little princess, it was decided that we human would just have to wait until she was ready. UGH...I hate waiting.

In an effort to distract myself from Jasmine's baby bump, I went to Divide and came home with a couple new Turkeys. I brought them home and tucked them in with the commercial whites (butcher turkeys) and watched them gobble around and establish their "pecking order." I've named them George and Hazel. George is a Bronze Breasted and Hazel a Blue Slate. They have grown up together and seem committed, as committed as a turkey can be, I suppose. My hopes are high that we will have little poults running amok this summer. If not there is always Hoover Hatchery's commercial whites.

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