Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friends are awesome!

 Life on the ole rancho is much the same but always different.  Understand?  The kids are still kids but growing up so fast.  This past Friday, Pearl's babies went off to a new home at a horse boarding facility where they will be companions to a few horses.  Horses are always mentally unstable, in my opinion so I was happy that they will be able to provide such an honorable service.  It's always sad to see them go but I'm so happy that I could add a a little goatie joy to the world.

 Haf Dog was working sheep when I tried to sneak up on her for a few pictures.  I got this annoyed look before she got back to business.
 Life is good for Border Collies when there are sheep around.

 Jema Goat kidded a beautiful little doeling last Saturday.  Jema was quite upset with the whole process and gave me the stink eye more than once throughout labor. 
 The little girl wasn't even dried off before she started charming visitors.  She's got a home to go to and a fancy name, Ginger.  She gets lots of loving and has quickly blended in with the older kids. 
 Gretchen and Avril have decided to shoot for their milkmaid patch.  Gotta fill that ranch girl sash!  It's been great fun to watch.  Sometimes it's a group effort.  Friends are awesome. 
 They also make sure to cuddle all the other creatures in the barn too.  In fact Gretchen got to help a brand new Suffolk lamb get it's first meal last night.
 Bubbles and Hershey have been on several day trips to their new home.  They even camped out with their new human.
 Rigatoni continues to jump and climb on everything available including humans.  Everything is an adventure to a little goat.
 Her new mom tried to talk some sense into her but I don't think it did any good.  I guess Nigerian Dwarf Goats are immune to school principals.  The threat of banging erasers was lost on the rotten kid. 
 Tails have started dropping, blacks and whites, all over the barn.  Some have been gathered for various projects and opportunistic dogs have made use of the rest. 
 Jumping bean or not, how could you not love that face!
After lots of muddy, poopy hooves in the milk buckets I ordered a Dansha style milker off of Ebay.  It should arrive at the end of the week. 

So there you have it, same old stuff happening around here. 

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