Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy Days and Weeping Nights

It's been a bit of a nightmare here on the homestead. My lovely Bloodhound, Hound Dog passed away on Wednesday morning. She'd been sick for about a week. We'd been treating her for pneumonia and she seemed to be making improvements everyday but early Wednesday morning took a turn. Shelly was incredible. She gave me lots of hugs and understood why I had to leave the ranch when the vet came to put her down. Shelly buried her for me and cleared the house of the obvious reminders. I did okay until breakfast yesterday when I went looking for my slobbery dog to share the crust of my toast with.

We wasted no time in filling the slot on the dog roster though. I am so thankful that I can provide homes for all of my animals and I believe that they have a great quality of life in our family. Shelly has been wanting a "little" dog for a long time now. I honestly don't understand little dogs. I sometimes lose Virus dog and it's because of his size. Anyway, I promised Shelly her pick of a little dog as long as it was a rescue. We headed down to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region after chores yesterday and came home with a little Chihuahua named Taco. So far all is well. Taco has been quarantined for a bit as he has a bit of the flu that was sweeping through the shelter. He's on oral antibiotics and does not take them easily. He's a squirrely guy.

I neglected to get pictures or even provide customers with an update on the chickens. They are doing fine. I've been down to feed and water each day but haven't been able to tell stories or sing (horridly) to them in several days. I don't think it will effect the taste of the meat too much. The layers are still confined to the coop yard as I have not given the fox an eviction notice yet. They are still annoyed with me.

To top everything off, I've had to dry off my Jersey cow open an account on the "Chica Chica Brown Cow" internet dating site in hopes of finding her a beau. I've been lucky enough to find a few prospects. In the meantime I'm looking to lease a Jersey or Brown Swiss in milk in hopes of feeding my addiction to raw milk. I still have my goats but the cream from the cows is oh so sweet.

I'm looking forward to an afternoon nap, even though I probably will never get one. 'At's OK, I have a wonderful life even with all the busyness and the drama.

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