Friday, July 23, 2010

Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Bunnies, Family!

So....I ran into a friend at the grocery the other day. She told me that she had been keeping up with my doings on the blog. I thought, "Great!" I love to write and I love feedback even more. I love feedback about my writing, not the general populations opinion about my large furry family. This particular person gave me feedback about the latter. She started nagging (that's the polite word for it) about the fact that Shelly and I adopted a new dog. She continued on saying that there is a new TV show on animal hoarding and that I should check it out. I might mention that I have on more than one occasion welcomed her furry critters in my home while she went on vacation. She had no problem bringing them over then. I have a fairly long list of friends. I like friends. I like friends because they don't live with me. They don't tell me when to vacuum, what animals I can allow on the couch, and they don't decorate my house. I don't decorate my house either but that's not the point. At any rate this person asked, "How many animals do you have anyway?" So since she reads my blog, (she might not after the reading this one) I thought I'd introduce everyone that stumbles by to my family. They are family. We do have one of the not so furry variety. I didn't think it appropriate to take her to the pound when during the process of potty training she didn't get the job done in the appropriate place or when she bit the neighbor kid. Why would I take my dog? Besides sometimes I'd like to bite the neighbor kid.

So let's start with the oldest. Pepsi Cat! The best cat ever. I don't love him more than the others but I love him best. Don't tell the others. Pepsi cat is about 12 years old. He was brought into my life by my sister friend Jan. He's black and beautiful. Black Cats rule. He stuck by me even when I was nuts. He's car broken. He used to take up the passenger seat in my little truck, until his human sister came along. He loves tomatoes and cantaloupe, spaghetti and the fresh catnip that my friend Evrim brings him from her garden. He knows when I'm having a bad ENDO day and comes and just sits with me, oozing with good energy. He slaps Taco, which is SO AWESOME! He's a bit obsessive about cleaning his feet and now they have a few bald patches. Shelly refers to him as Pissy, which I think is very inappropriate but Pepsi finds it endearing. Pepsi knows he's Jolene's older brother. He's the only pet I've ever had that would get souvenir Tshirts from Mexico from my father. These days Pepsi's daily priority is finding a nice soft place to nap in the sunbeams. He's just beautiful.

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