Monday, July 12, 2010


My distraction has been immense lately. I'm not sure when it started, but it's been bad. I had been distracted by Hound Dog being sick. After she died I was having dreams of late night howling that would wake me up and prevent me from returning to a peaceful slumber. As the dreams subsided, Taco distracted me by coughing and sputtering, peeing in the house and buzzing around my feet. Then...Jolene left her PSP Player here, on purpose I think to distract me further.
Fly Dog, the Border Collie came to visit which of course distracted me and now this morning I'm distracted by her absence. I was distracted by the badger over at Gaffney's ranch, so much so that I had to stop and take pictures.Then of course I was so distracted by the thunder and lightning that I didn't think to check to make sure that important appliances still had power, like the freezers. So now, I have to pick a steer to butcher because I'm not ready to be distracted by store bought meat.

I've been distracted by memories, the kind that hurt a bit but you're glad that they are still stored in a bank someplace. I was so distracted that I neglected to study for my Firefigher I and Hazmat Operations tests. I was even distracted by the chicken killing thief and trying to remind Shelly to call the farrier. Good thing the farrier called us, as I was distracted by trying to remember and ended up forgetting to remind Shelly. Whew! So many distractions.

Friday morning, Shelly coerced me into helping her chore at Phoenix Ranch. That means I had to feed and water dogs there, complain about the smell of dog poo in the summer sun, and try and avoid bees. I hate chores at Phoenix. I hate Shelly's lack of organization more. A job that should take less than an hour, usually takes at least two and then you have to add in travel time and Shelly's extra piddling, and time for chit chatting at Evergreen Station. By the time we got back to the ranch it was around 1pm. I was starving, hot, cranky, thirsty, and distracted by events of the previous day. As Shelly drove by the cow pasture, I notice Jersey posturing funny. Like she's calving. Jersey couldn't be calving though. When we purchased her in January we got her at a discounted price because she was not bred. The guy that sold her said to me, "That cow will poo gold bricks before she calves." According to the guy she had been a nurse cow for three calves, and wasn't anywhere near a bull. I'd been so distracted that I accounted for Jersey's wide girth as a propensity for obesity. So when I saw her dancing around and acting weird, I did not equate it to a new baby. I should have but I didn't. I was so overcome by hunger I suppose. I commented to Shelly about the bovine's behavior and instructed her to keep on driving, I needed food. Later on in the day, Shelly and I ventured on down to the barn to do afternoon chores. On the way, Shelly throws a minute fit at the corner of the cow pasture, almost throwing me off the ATV. There sat Jersey Cow with an itty bitty "How now brown cow." Wonder what I might be distracted by today.


  1. Yay for milk!! :) I want that calf, but I have decided that I hate cattle so I really don't want him. I just want to hug him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George...for a minute or two.
    I love the photo of the badger. I've never seen one, just the giant holes they leave in our pasture.