Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicken Pluckin' of 2010 is complete for a couple of months.

WHew! So pluckin' is complete for another couple of months. We've got another batch to go and turkeys for the holidays too! I'm too tired for quips about slicing, scalding, plucking and eviscerating. We did about 75 birds in four hours. My neck slicer showed up a bit late as she had to entertain unexpected guests, no worries. All was done in good time. I like friend's visits in many forms. How many people can say that they have removed the innards from chickies on a visit to their buddy's house?

Birds in Cones.

Colyn doing the dirty job.



The Catch...I guess this one should have been at the beginning.

Gerri playing with birds

Showing some SKILLS!

Obligatory gut bucket shot!

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