Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Morning After...

The aftermath of last night's events.

Ah...Life on the mountain, ever eventful even if the only event is watching Taco watching Peep Kitty while she whines and cries from agony of being in heat. Lately however, my attention has been turned a bit from the annoying household critters to a much larger critter. We have a 3 yard dumpster that sits toward the front part of the ranch. It's right in front of the renter's house. For about a week now every morning when the Shelly leaves to chore at Phoenix she has been taking a large empty garbage bag with her. Why? Well it's bear season here. Try as we might we can not keep the bear out of the garbage. We've put electric fence on it, tried locking metal lids with a metal rod, even tried waiting for him to show up so we could "pop a cap in his a$$" but so far nothing has worked. So it's just easier to clean up the mess made and continue on with the day. After all, I am invading the ursa's space by living here. I still get annoyed though. Today Jolene and I had the chore of cleaning up the bear's mess. It really wasn't too bad, all confined to one general area. Lucky for me the trash had come before I got it cleaned up, so with any luck I'll be cleaning up the same stuff tomorrow that I cleaned up today. The best day to engage in litter pick up is on Sunday morning. Usually Sunday's spread contains about 25 bags of dog poo from Phoenix that the beast had to tear through to get household trash! YUM, hot, sticky, smelly, bag after bag of dog poo! I'll make breakfast if anyone would like to come help on Sunday morning!

A Big O Pile of Poo!

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